Paper vs. Plastic Packaging

Paper vs Plastic: The Surprising Facts

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In today’s world, being environmentally friendly has become increasingly important. From the products we buy and use, to the way we recycle, it all helps contribute to a healthier planet. At Biederman Enterprises, we are continually working towards improving our product to be as environmentally friendly as possible and ensuring both the cartridge and the operation has minimal impact on the environment. We use recycled materials in our cartridge production and all our production scrap is sold to buyers who make things like plastic picnic tables, flower pots, and more.

When we surveyed industry workers and professionals, a couple of respondents expressed concern with their perception that plastic cartridges might be less environmentally friendly than paper.

However, when it comes to recyclability, unfortunately, any package that contains grease cannot be put into recycling. There are strict disposal requirements for these packages – whether they’re paper or plastic. Even grease-stained cardboard pizza boxes aren’t recyclable!

Oil is difficult to extract from paper and can contaminate future paper batches. The grease prevents the paper fibers from separating effectively which lowers the quality and strength of the finished product. The grease could make the recycled cardboard look splotchy or patchy, reducing its value. Worse still, oil prevents the pulp from binding properly, resulting in holes in the cardboard.

Grease and oil products are becoming less of an issue when it comes to plastic, glass, and metal packaging because new methods are being developed at recycling stations to extract the oil from these materials – even then offering the extracted oil/fuel for resale.

There are also operational issues that get overlooked in terms of environmental impact and the high energy usage and emissions with paper products. According to, an expert from the University of Oregon cited that “plastic production creates fewer greenhouse gases and uses less water and chemicals than paper.”

These stats are sure to be an eye-opener to those who once thought that paper was the greener choice! We all want to be as eco-conscious as possible, which is why it’s important to educate ourselves as much as possible about environmental perceptions and realities. We at Biederman aim for the highest standards in sustainability. Contact us today at for more information on our plastic grease cartridges.

Paper vs. Plastic Packaging