Why Biederman?

Biederman has been proudly serving customers throughout North America and internationally for several decades.

Biederman has demonstrated its commitment to collaborating with customers towards solving their packaging needs, by providing the extensive Biederman experience and expertise to develop and provide top-quality products with top-notch customer service.

Biederman includes sustainability in all its decisions, processes and finished goods. From capturing and recycling all internal production scrap, to including PIR and PCR in packaging materials, to minimizing waste in all areas of our processes and systems, Biederman is committed to being an environmentally responsible leader in the packaging industry.

The Biederman grease cartridge has proven to be the best cartridge in the field. From the eye-catching shelf presence of the Biederman cartridge with our customers’ designs, to its ability to withstand all conditions in the field, the Biederman cartridge is so much more than just a pretty face. Surveys show that end users prefer the Biederman cartridge to work with; from home mechanics in their garages, to industrial maintenance managers in production facilities, to farmers working on their equipment in the field – end users have indicated they prefer using the Biederman cartridge for its durability and performance reliability – and for keeping their toolboxes and grease clean.

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With more than half a century of experience, packaging everything from; insecticides/pesticides, to agricultural products, to household items such as drywall compound and ice melters, to novelty items - Biederman Packaging has built its business and reputation on its dedication to understanding the unique needs of its customers and effectively developing contract packaging solutions.  From pouches, to pails, to drums and totes – Biederman Packaging knows how to efficiently manufacture your products and then package them - while upholding the highest quality standards.