Plastic Grease Cartridges

Plastic cartridges are the best solution for all your grease packaging needs.

As the industry expert in affordable, top-quality grease cartridges with 30 years experience, Biederman is North America’s #1 manufacturer. 

High Performance Plastics

High performance plastics offer a range of qualities to help efficiently contain grease from shipping through to delivery.

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Why Plastic?

The North American grease cartridge market has undergone a serious shift from cardboard to plastic grease tubes. Here’s why:

  1. No contamination
  2. Tight seal between cap and cartridge
  3. Direct print = no ripped or faded label information
  4. Vibrant colors
  5. Durable
  6. Weather-resistant
  7. Stable easy-pull end

#1 Manufacturer in North America for 25 Years

Survey Says:
Users Prefer Plastic Cartridges*

Results showed users prefer Biederman plastic cartridges because of their ease of use, durability, zero contamination and more.

Surveys conducted in Maintenance and Lubrication publications indicate that end users (our customers’ customers) have expressed concern that grease remain contaminant-free. They say they prefer using the Biederman cartridge for many reasons but because it also ensures that no package particles will get into the grease.

*Machinery Lubrication 2018 Survey

Benefits of Packaging with Plastic

Rigid high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is found in the bodies of Biederman cartridges offering better:


  • Impact resistance
  • Non-leaching
  • Stiffer material
  • Less brittle in lower temperatures 
  • UV resistant
  • Have improved environment stress cracking resistance (ESCR) preventing plastic breakdown 
  • Affordability
  • Resistant to most chemical solvents
  • Can withstand temperatures from -148 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Post- Industrial Recycled Plastic and mono-material option 

Plastic Caps for Cartridges

New! Plastic cartridges or tubes from Biederman come with a straight wall overcap for the grease tube. In addition to added security, caps deliver a more industrial and hard working product look.

Caps are available in all standard colours.

Post- Industrial Recycled Plastic

At Biederman Enterprise, we incorporate about 10% post-industrial recycled plastic into the manufacture of tubesWaste plastic and metal scrap from the plant are sold to appropriate recyclers. Paper and box scrap are recycled. There is very little waste from the process. 

Environmentally Conscious Plastic

Environmentally conscious? Our plastic grease cartridges are tough and durable, resulting in less waste and less scrap due to shipping related damage.

Reach out to Biederman for more info on the benefits of plastic cartridges. The answers may surprise you!

Contact Biederman for more information on the benefits of plastic cartridges – the answers may surprise you!