Biederman Plastic Grease Cartridges

For 30 years, Biederman has been manufacturing and supplying superior quality plastic grease cartridges to all of the major lubricant companies in the oil and grease industry.

Who we are

We know your grease is important to you. The package or cartridge your grease is in represents your brand on the shelf - and its functionality represents your brand in the field with your customers, the end users.  The Biederman grease cartridge is the number one plastic grease cartridge in North America because of the commitment to quality and service.  Multiple cartridge production lines demonstrate Biederman’s dedication to fulfilling, not only the high demand for the Biederman cartridge, but for fulfilling the expectations customers have for their grease cartridge.  That means giving customers a great looking cartridge, getting it to them when they need it and ensuring THEIR customers can work with it without any issues so they can get all of the grease out of the tube without the cartridge cracking or messing up their toolboxes.

Surveys conducted in Maintenance and Lubrication publications indicate that end users (our customers’ customers) have expressed concern that grease remain contaminant-free. They say they prefer using the Biederman cartridge for many reasons but because it also ensures that no package particles will get into the grease.

Existing customers have come to appreciate the quality and service that the Biederman cartridge represents for their business and brand.  New customers who are converting to or just getting started with filling their grease in Biederman grease cartridges, are always excited by the ease of working with Biederman and how great their cartridges turn out. New grease manufacturers/fillers are choosing to start their businesses with the Biederman plastic cartridge because they’ve heard about the durable quality and outstanding shelf presence – as well as the direct print feature and elimination of label inventories.

Customers familiar with historic paper cartridges appreciate that the Biederman plastic cartridge maintains the industry standard aluminum end, which has proven to work successfully on fill lines and with end users. No issues with seal tabs falling off or pull tabs not coming off.

Using the latest technology, Biederman ensures maintenance of strict quality control standards. Choosing Biederman cartridges will enhance your brand by providing a safe, easy-to-use, weather resistant cartridge to your valued customers.

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Why Plastic?

The North American grease cartridge market has undergone a serious shift from cardboard to plastic grease tubes. Here’s why:

  1. No contamination
  2. Tight seal between cap and cartridge
  3. Direct print = no ripped or faded label information
  4. Vibrant colors
  5. Durable
  6. Weather-resistant
  7. Stable easy-pull end

#1 Manufacturer in North America for 25 Years

Survey Says:
Users Prefer Plastic Cartridges*

Results showed users prefer Biederman plastic cartridges because of their ease of use, durability, zero contamination and more.

*Machinery Lubrication 2018 Survey

Biederman has been the number one choice
in the marketplace for 30 years.

Here's why:

End-to-End Customer Service
Customers can’t say enough about the ease of working with Biederman. The responsiveness, flexibility, and attention to detail are appreciated by customers.

Rigorous Quality Standards
Our high standard of quality control in printing and production means no detail is overlooked.

At Biederman, we are consistently striving towards more sustainable production practices, including recycling our post-industrial material scrap back into new cartridge manufacturing. We include both PIR and PCR into the cartridge.

Professional Design
Our in-house design experts can help transform your plastic grease tubes into eye-catching packaging. From simple updates to complete redesigns, we’ve got the team to make your brand come to life.

Print and Production
Our 6-color offset printing process creates vivid colors and clean, crisp text. It also eliminates the high costs of pressure sensitive labels, label inventories, and re-stocking fees. Plus, with Biederman, minimum label order quantities are a thing of the past.

Fast Turnaround Times
Design changes can hit production in hours instead of weeks. And cartridges can be produced in 10 days or less due to multiple dedicated cartridge production lines.

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