Grease Cartridge Design

Design is a key factor in packaging.

A quality package design can attract potential customers and set the product apart from the competition all the while keeping your grease protected and free from contaminants.

Designing Plastic Grease Cartridges at Biederman

Biederman’s well designed cartridges ensure safe transportation and storage while conveying an image of quality and reliability about your brand. For 30 years Biederman has been the number one choice in the marketplace for plastic grease cartridges.  

Why Biederman Plastic Grease Cartridges?

  • Durable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) body material
  • Easy-to-open, durable aluminum EZO end – industry standard
    for many reasons
  • Cartridge produced by extrusion – meaning no seams and no leaks
  • Offset printed – 6 colours, including silver and gold for a metallic finish
  • Varnish overlay option to make your design shine
  • White cartridge body showcases your vibrate brand design
  • Coloured-body cartridges available – including silver, yellow, orange etc
    (full body black printing available)
  • Direct printing on the cartridge means easy design changes, no label
    inventories and key information doesn’t get torn or wear away
  • Durable – improved shelf presence – holds up in all environments
    (doesn’t crack in the cold or get mushy when wet)
  • No flaking off the top of cartridge means no contamination of grease

Vivid 6 colour printing lets your brand stand out

Enhanced Quality Features for Evolving Demand

Our extensive experience has taught us a lot about what works in packaging, and Biederman grease containers are designed to meet your most demanding specifications.

Some of our more popular packaging features for evolving demand include: 

Invisible Ink Black Light Traceability

  • Invisible codes added to plastic grease cartridge tubes improved traceability without compromising design.

Easy-To-Open Metal Pull Tabs

  • Easy-to-open pull-tabs eliminate the need for tools and tube tearing. 

Plastic Caps

  • Biederman straight wall overcaps keep grease in and won't crack. 
  • In addition to added security, caps deliver a more industrial and hard working product look.
  • Caps are available in all standard colours.

High Performance Plastic

  • Biederman plastic tubes and aluminum ends reduce the chances of instability on the production line and/or damage during shipping and storage.

Biederman grease cartridges with strong metal ends, offer uncompromised stability on grease production lines, in transport, and on shelves. Not to mention our five colour offset printing capabilities create vivid, bright cartridge colours with clean, crisp text to set your product apart from the competition. 

Experience the value of enhancing your brand by switching to Biederman plastic grease cartridges. Request a quote today